Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful and prayerful

I don't have an extremely long or eloquent post today. (Have my posts ever been eloquent?) I just want to write about the tragedy in Haiti. I have been watching the news shows this morning and the devastation is amazing. Reporters like Anderson Cooper are speechless and dumbfounded by the wreckage. The people are terrified and mostly homeless. Even the ones who still have homes are too scared to stay inside their houses for fear of them collapsing in the aftershocks.

It makes me extremely thankful for what I have. It makes me thankful that people in this country, the USA, are already pouring out support. Even when our country is depressed, and many have less than they have had in the past, we are still willing to give. Because what little we think we have it is more than most of the people of Haiti have ever had and definitly more than they have now. Which for many is little more than their lives.

So if you have the means and feel inclined - reach out a helping hand. Lift up a prayer. Send support to the Red Cross etc.

I will do the same.

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