Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cry, Celebrate, Rest, Repeat

So I did turn thirty. I did watch P.S. I Love You at noon on my 30th birthday. I did ball my eyes out. It wasn't a good idea.

However I did celebrate, just fine, as well... thank you very much.

Here is the wonderful fire that my husband built me the last night of my twenties. Complete with Hurley my doggy's curly tail! (the picture not the fire) He was guarding me cause the fire kept popping and he is my constant and brave protector! We are loving our fire place and since it has been freezing (or PREEEEEZING as I like to say) in Florida we have been building alot of fires. The only problem is that the stores are all out of firewood because they were only carrying it for the Holidays I am pretty sure. Not that that has discouraged dear husband! He was soooo proud the other day because he had the great idea to go to Home Depot and buy up some scrap/mistake cuts of 2x4s and cut them up for firewood. I thought, sure, that is reusing and recycling. Pretty smart, and cheap. I just hope none of it was treated?!? There weren't any toxic smelling or looking fumes so...uh...I think we will live.

After my cry fest watching sad movies on my 30th birthday we went out to dinner. Just to a little Mexican restaurant next to the local grocery store. Nothing fancy but it was nice to go out to dinner with my husband. We don't really go out to dinner just the two of us, really, ever. Mostly because I prefer to cook and also for frugality. It was a nice birthday dinner.

The big celebration was on Saturday when we went to Epcot to Drink Around the World! This is a new concept to me as I have always just been on the "child-oriented, magical-wonderland, sweet and innocent" side of Disney. I never really knew that they served alcohol at Disney. Not to mention that you can have a cocktail at all 10 countries in the World Showcase at Epcot. Well yes... you... can. And yes I did. I doubled up in a few countries. For some reason I liked to take pictures in different hats at the different countries. Had I realized that there would be different hats in every country I would have made sure to do it in all the countries. However it just turns out that when I was scrolling through my pictures I am wearing alot of different hats! So here are a few!

To break it down, that is a sombrero in Mexico, a bottle cap hat in Germany - cause Germany, beer, uh-huh - and a fez in Morocco. (I think Morocco was my favorite country which was unexpected).

It was fun! It was ridiculous. It was a great way to ring in the next decade of my life. A decade that will most likely contain less and less of this debauchery so I LIVED IT UP! (proper grammar not necessary).

What do you do for your birthday? Is it a happy day, sad day or both?


  1. Sounds like a pretty good day!! Thirty was the first birthday I had moments of sadness or feeling old. I think I am over that now and the rest will be a celebration. Well, that is easy to say now! :) Love you!

    The house looks great! More pictures of your "masterpiece" please!!

  2. Hey! I tried sending you an email to here that was on the card you gave me but it got rejected!

    Anyways, it was great meeting you and your husband. I hope you guys had a lot of fun that very cold day. I know I did.

    I'll be looking to get in touch with you guys about some golf in the near future. Your blog is a great read, keep up the good work!

    Oh and just remember you're only as old as you feel. Take care:)

    Rob(that guy you met at the Rose and Crown Pub in England:D)

    PS-There is a video on facebook of my group of friends with another in Morocco and you come join in in the last 5 seconds or so. Just thought you should know!