Monday, January 4, 2010

Taming the Chaos

I don't do New Years Resolutions. I never have. I had a friend growing up that would write down her resolutions and her mother would seal them up for the year. At the beginning of the new year they would get out the list and see how many she had kept. I always thought this sounded fun but I still never adopted anything like that for myself.

My non-New-Years-resolution is to be more organized. And organized in an attractive way. A way I would love to show off. Not my usual, "I know this looks like a mess, but I know where everything is". Anyone that used to work with me in Vegas knows exactly what I mean. My desk was a wreck! Most of the time! But I could find anything, be it buried under a stack of fabric or spec binders, I knew where it was. It would amaze my "more organized" co-workers.

However since moving I don't know where anything is! And I am fed up! And my husband is fed up! So today I will move forward with Project Organize!!!

I think I will give my dogs a bath too because man they stink right now!

So I start with some magazine tear-outs that I have been collecting as well as some images I found online.
Like these care of BHG and Martha Stewart.
I love is this painted pegboard idea. I had high hopes of painting my laundry/storage room that connects the kitchen to the garage but since there is already an abundance of "stuff" in there, and I am done with painting (see previous post), I think this is a fabulous idea for both a splash of color as well as organization.
Since keys are often the topic of frustration and panic in our household I love, love, love this idea. Much more practical and attactive than multiple bundles of keys hung on two hooks like we have now. That is, if the keys get hung on the hooks. However, I believe, that we will be inspired to hang our keys on this adorable little peg board! Let's see if my husband agrees!
Seeing as I have three guest bedroom closets I think I will make one of them into an organized craft and wrapping station. I will need to modify this design slightly as the closets have bi-fold doors but I think that there are some fabulous ideas in this image.

Lastly I would love to incorporate some decorative elements as found in this image to all of the spaces that I am organizing. I love the vases on the top shelf and the painted tiles on the back wall. They complete the space and make it look as though it is meant to be seen and enjoyed.
I will keep you updated on how my ventures turn out! I can't wait to get started!
Here I go!
So do you have any New Years resolutions? Or non-New-Years-resolutions?

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