Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moving Day

The truck is loaded. Our house is empty save the futon I am sitting on, one TV still playing college football, and a couple of mattresses and suitcases. Everyone is exhausted and there are still 4 long days of driving ahead with a few days in big D for me and the pups. Got to see a few friends today as they stopped by to say goodbye, to the shagren of my father-in-law who was feverishly trying to get as much possible done in the daylight hours as he could. Very focused that man. God bless him. We honestly COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT without him.

Blessing in disquise that I did not work this week. I can't even imagine how chaotic it would have been if I had been at work all week. With me constantly packing and the men constantly loading the trailer it really wouldn't have gotten done if I had come home at 6pm or later every night.

I look around and I am a little sad, but more excited. Considering I am gaining 1000 square feet and a HUGE yard is keeping me focused on the positive. I can't wait for my large kitchen and living room. I am already planning parties in my head. I am thinking about all of the baby and wedding showers (not for me but others), birthdays, chili cookoffs, college football watch parties, puppy parties, my name starts with a "M" and its Monday parties!!! So exciting! This is definitely the first "internet only" house I have ever moved into. My SIL did go check it out for me but it is always different doing the "walk-through" yourself and I have never moved somewhere where the walk-through was also move-in day.

So today on move-out day I am excited and full of expectation and anticipation. It will be different, I will miss my friends here, but I am gaining alot. Closeness to family, hopes of my own business or a new opportunity, new house, living close to water, etc.

I am excited, and tired. It has been a long week. Wish me luck on the long drive ahead.

Moving day, Moving on, Moving forward.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just keep packing, just keep packing

Why is it that when you start packing up your house for a move, then and only then, do you realize how much stuff you actually have accumulated. It is amazing how much two people can own. I had huge aspirations to give a bunch of stuff to Goodwill but I really don't have alot of extra stuff. 'Cause you know I NEED all of this stuff.

The wonderful thing is that I have been able to be organized thus far. I have wonderful visions of my new home being perfectly orderly. The move will be seamless, breathtakingly easy due to the painstaking efforts of my packing. This is my dream, not so sure it will be a reality. I know that I will get to a certain point and I will start to get to The Random Stuff.

This is the category that causes me agony and heartache. I tend to get to this point in packing and I find myself just staring at the huge array of randomness. Not knowing how to categorize it, it usually ends up all in one box. The sad thing is this one box usually never gets unpacked in the new home.

This will surely not happen this time. I vow to unpack everything and if a home cannot be found for The Random Stuff, then maybe I don't need it in the first place. Which begs the question, why I move it anyway. Usually it is out of frustration I think, because by the time I get to The Random Stuff I am too burnt out from all of the previous organization that I just give in.

I will just stand by the fact that all of the organized boxes offset the one (?) unorganized box!!!

So for now I will...just keep packing...just keep packing...(sung to the tune of Dori's song "Just Keep Swimming" on Finding Nemo). I love that movie!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spoon full of Sugar

The race is on till moving day. I have about 2.7 boxes packed. I don't know where to go from there. I just need to dive in but I am in full out procrastination mode.

Yesterday was my last day at work. I thought I had one more week but the man in the glass box said no. In light of my 2.7 boxes, this isn't necessarily a terrible thing.

Will someone come help me pack? The puppies are just staring at me!

I really need Mary Poppins right now. She could just whisk her hand and all of my belongings would start dancing around the room and into their respectable, perfectly organized, boxes. I've got a spoon full of sugar Mary, won't you come help?

Okay here I go I am going to go pack a box. I hate packing!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So here is the thing about moving. There are good things and there are bad things. I will break them down for you as I have experienced them today.

Awesome phone call from my SIL (who so graciously) went over to the house that I would love to move to and checked it out for me, and confirmed my hopes that this was INDEED the house that my husband and I should move to. Granted I think she may just want to hang out there with me, which I totally don't blame her for, but her support is extremely appreciated and I love her and her husband for checkin' it out for us!

Then there are the people that are really sad. And I am really sad about leaving. The people that I love. The people that I am going to miss so much that it physically hurts. I haven't cried yet because I don't want to think that things will ever be any different than they are now. But alas I am moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY. These people are all very understanding and lovely and I hate to possibly hurt them and I hope that they know that if I could possibly pick them up and move them with ME, I would. Because, obviously, it is all about me.

But then again it is...about me...and my husband... and what is best for our future.

It is hard to admit that. But sometimes you just have to do "what you have to do".

Then there are the peeps that you never knew even cared until all the sudden you are leaving. These are the ones that perplex me. All the sudden my cubicle mate (sadly I do live/work in a semi-cubicle) has to listen to me tell the story over-and-over again about why and when I will be leaving. It isn't that I don't appreciate their concern, I just did not, for some reason, anticipate the inquiry. That is interesting. We will have to wait and see if that changes after the shock has worn off.

So to all of the people out there that are either excited or upset, numb or angry, happy, sad, anxious, or just plain excited &/or in shock, I just want to let you know that I am pretty much all of the same.

It is life, and therefore, by default, is a journey.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A new chapter begins today. A renewed sense of liberation, creative license, and optimism encompasses me tonight. I am nervous, apprehensive, excited, sad, and reflective today. Now we anticipate, need to get organized, need to strategize, etc. More to come!!! Can't wait!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The day before the letter

Tomorrow I will be handing in my resignation letter at work. I am extremely nervous about it. This is my first real resignation as this is my first career job. I have given two weeks notice at various jobs that I had in college, but that is way different than this. This is big. This is scary.

However, I am ready. It will be good to finally be able to tell my boss my plans. Plans to move across the country to be closer to family. To hopefully start a family of our own soon.

I haven't been very comfortable lately knowing that I would be leaving and not being able to talk about it. I am pretty good at keeping secrets but it is very hard. I talk, alot, and it is extremely difficult for me not to be honest. Probably to a fault. I am sure that I over-share frequently.

Tomorrow is the liberation. To get it all out there on the table will be good. Then maybe I will bring myself to pack a box! Because 2 weeks is going to creep up on us way fast.

Is it wrong that I even find it hard to publish this. I feel like I still need to keep it all hush hush. It isn't like my boss will read this. Ever. Especially not 12 hours before I tell them I am quitting. It just still makes me nervous!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

...and so it goes

The inaugural blog.
I have been thinking about doing this for awhile. I read blogs. I love them. I have an addiction to them. At my current job I find myself chained to my desk during my lunch hour, with my low calorie microwave lunch, reading through my favorites. The blogs I read inspire me. They have inspired me to write my own. I will try to be inspiring myself.

I plan to blog about design, about life, about the little things, about the big things. Where I have been, what I have seen and experienced, and the people and things that move me, will be the focus of this blog.

As I venture into unchartered territory, will you join me?