Thursday, July 8, 2010

Green thumb anyone?

I don't think I have a green thumb. Which is unfortunate because I love plants.

The only plant that I have managed to keep alive for any amount of time was a Mother-in-Law's tongue that lived on my desk for the 5+ years in Las Vegas. I think it liked the pretty much constant fluorescent light.

Which is funny because I pretty much hate fluorescent light.

I left it there in the care of a good friend so hopefully it is still soaking up the fluorescent light and getting the remaining contents of some water bottles from time to time.

Anyway I bought this really cool elephant ear plant and I am not doing to well with it.

I read online (so it must be true) that they need alot of water. Well I am giving it plenty of H2O but I keep losing leaves. They just dry up and droop all of a sudden. It is making me really sad. 

Maybe it isn't getting enough light. It is pushed right up to the window sill and all, practically making out with the window, but maybe it isn't enough? I refuse to bust out any fluorescent light bulbs though so I am hoping this is not the problem.

I may resort to singing soon. "May" being the operative word. 

I want you to live plant! You are so perfect for the corner of my breakfast room! 

What are your favorite house plants. Any good ones that are easy to keep alive? What do you say green thumbs out there. Help a sister out!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer is slipping away

and that is okay!

I mean it is going good! I am getting used to the downpours in the afternoons. Mostly because I have been cool and dry in my home when they have happened.

That is until today.

That is until I was held hostage in JoAnn's. Usually one of my favorite stores.

But not when I was going on hour 3 of being there!

I was with my darling niece at a super cool craft class. And we were all good for the first two hours. The first two hours were occupied with glueing, wrapping fabric around foam core, decorating a super cool "Memo Board" for her room.

Then the girls even painted some birdhouses. Gratis from JoAnn's because the class ended early and I was the only mom/aunt that stayed with her child, so there was an hour to kill before the other kids were picked up.

I could have left right then. I have a car and a license.

Oh how I should have left right then!!! But no, Miss Reilly wanted to go shopping. She had money burning a hole in her Hannah Montana coin purse. And since I was not in a hurry I said OK!

Big mistake.

Not five minutes into the shopping in the toy/craft aisle did I hear it... the thunder.

I should have said "let's go lady"!

But no, I am new to this rain thing, and I try to be the "cool" aunt, so I didn't pay much attention. Then I heard the drumming. The drumming, droning, very loud sound of rain on a tin box roof!!!

So for the next hour we shopped slowly. Went back to the craft room. Played hang man with the other two girls and the teacher. Watched the dynamic of three 7-8 year old girls, who otherwise did not know each other, play a game. Interaction at this age is interesting. A preclude to teenage years. But less straight forward. Realized that the teacher of the class was 19, which made me feel immediately ancient. It was a long hour. Complete with drumming, droning, sound of rain on a tin roof.

With the constant downpour not letting up at ALL, I decided to purchase an umbrella. A common item in all stores in this part of the country I have found. Thank the Lord.

We made a dash for it. With the help of the very helpful "education manager" to carry the memo board, painted birdhouse and various bags that we had with us. We made it! Wet but, in the car, and on the way  HOME!!!

So in conclusion, if you hear the Thunder, and you think you might be able to escape before getting drenched, DO IT. It wasn't horrible, I did not suffer any pain or dismemberment, but it was a lesson to be learned.

Because no matter how much you like a store, being held there against your will for an hour, is still an hour that you keep thinking over and over again...

What else could I be doing right now?