Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple Paltrow Move Aside

I have a new love. It weighs next to nothing, measures a little over 13" wide and has skin of stainless steel.

Anyone guess yet?

Yes, it is my new Apple Macbook pro! I love it. It is exquisite. The day it arrived on my doorstep I rejoiced. I knew I could give it a happy home and that we would grow to be great friends.

Okay but seriously this thing is awesome. I am having so much fun getting to know the programs and I am super impressed so far. There are so many people that have always sworn by Macs and now I know why. I have hopped over to our HP a couple of times to download files to transfer and I am all disoriented on it now! Funny since I have used that computer every day for like four years!

The packaging was even exquisite. Minimal and crisp.

I just thought this was funny.

When I turned it on it was like watching HD television for the first time. You never knew that what you were watching (regular TV) was all that bad but just try and watch a football game now in non-HD. It drives me crazy! All blurry like there is dust on the camera lens.

But this screen is awesome. My pictures look better, movies look better, even this blog looks better! Just kidding. Oh and not that I need to disclose this because I have never been paid for anything that I have written - but no, the huge Apple co. did not pay for this endorsement of their computers! Just thought I would put that out there lest I be attacked by some blog police. 

Oh and if you thought this was actually a blog post about Apple Martin-Paltrow I apologize, but here is a sweet picture of Gwen's daughter to appease you.

I love my Mac! Call me Apple Fuhrer! Now I just need an iPhone and an iPad. It seriously is an evil empire. Making you fall in love with their products. Damn you Steve Jobs!!!

Just kidding, Love you! Muah!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me Monday - Hurley edition

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

We do not have an extremely sweet pug-mix dog named Hurley. He is not a very loyal dog and he does not follow us around everywhere we go. He is not always by our side watching everything we do from brushing our teeth, to making dinner, to watching TV.

My husband and I did not go over to some friends' house this Saturday night and we did not get home very late in the night. We always come home at a reasonable hour and get to bed at a decent time! My sleepy husband and I did not go about our normal routine of going to bed and locking up the house.

We did not wake up late the next morning. We did not look around and realize that Hurley was no where to be found. This is not extremely unheard of and a strange occurrence in our house. We would not expect something like this from our other dog Roxy who is not more of an independent dog who is not known to sneak off to rooms to sleep all by herself. Roxy was not sitting in our bed acting like nothing was wrong.

We did not hop out of bed and frantically start calling Hurley's name. We did not open all of the doors in the house and we did not find Hurley in our front spare bedroom. He was not chilling on the futon wagging his tail. He did not follow my husband into that room the night before and my husband did not close the door not realizing that Hurley was still inside. We would never lock an animal in a room and not realize it.

We did not feel very guilty. I did not lavish him with attention for the rest of the day because I felt so guilty. He is not a dog and he was not safe and unharmed what-so-ever. He was absolutely not unaffected in any way. But I did not still feel horrible. Nope, I would never treat my dogs like they where actual children. No way. I know that they are not children! I know that Hurley will be fine and will not grow old with feelings of abandonment. Of course not.

Of course.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco de My-OH!

So I am sitting at the dinner table this Wednesday evening enjoying a delicious and creative meal with my husband. I was a little proud of my new creation for Cinco de Mayo. I had planned out the menu for the week and had Stuffed Bell Peppers on the menu for the evening. But being the ever-festive I wanted to make something Mexican. Opening the fridge and doing a quick assessment I found all the makings to create my wonderful creation.

Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers! I know the name isn't that creative but I was still proud.

I simply took some leftover taco meat from Monday and substituted it for ground beef in my normal Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe. I also subbed the salsa for the fresh tomatoes. Topped it with some taco sauce and cheddar cheese, whipped up a side of guacamole, and viola! I accomplished my Mexican feast and I was met with praise for my efforts.

So as I was sitting there I thought "I should write a blog about this, but no it isn't really design related, but who cares it is still creative, but I wanted to try and focus the blog more on being about design, but ya' know what? this is me, this is one of the things that I love to do, cook and be creative, break the rules a little, YA I am going to break my own rules and just be more myself in the blog! That is what I am going to do!"

So that was my Cinco de My-OH!

My life is what I want to write about. I think that who I am and all of the different things that I love is a huge part of what makes me a good designer. It is all the aspects of my life combined that fuel my creativity. I am not one dimensional. There are many things that I find inspiration in. So I am going to share all of those things.

Cooking, books, traveling, entertaining, preparing to be a mother someday, and of course design!

So from now on I will not tie myself down to one subject. It just doesn't work for me. I am multi-faceted and I want to share it!

Let me know if you want the recipe that sparked this epiphany!