Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco de My-OH!

So I am sitting at the dinner table this Wednesday evening enjoying a delicious and creative meal with my husband. I was a little proud of my new creation for Cinco de Mayo. I had planned out the menu for the week and had Stuffed Bell Peppers on the menu for the evening. But being the ever-festive I wanted to make something Mexican. Opening the fridge and doing a quick assessment I found all the makings to create my wonderful creation.

Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers! I know the name isn't that creative but I was still proud.

I simply took some leftover taco meat from Monday and substituted it for ground beef in my normal Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe. I also subbed the salsa for the fresh tomatoes. Topped it with some taco sauce and cheddar cheese, whipped up a side of guacamole, and viola! I accomplished my Mexican feast and I was met with praise for my efforts.

So as I was sitting there I thought "I should write a blog about this, but no it isn't really design related, but who cares it is still creative, but I wanted to try and focus the blog more on being about design, but ya' know what? this is me, this is one of the things that I love to do, cook and be creative, break the rules a little, YA I am going to break my own rules and just be more myself in the blog! That is what I am going to do!"

So that was my Cinco de My-OH!

My life is what I want to write about. I think that who I am and all of the different things that I love is a huge part of what makes me a good designer. It is all the aspects of my life combined that fuel my creativity. I am not one dimensional. There are many things that I find inspiration in. So I am going to share all of those things.

Cooking, books, traveling, entertaining, preparing to be a mother someday, and of course design!

So from now on I will not tie myself down to one subject. It just doesn't work for me. I am multi-faceted and I want to share it!

Let me know if you want the recipe that sparked this epiphany!


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