Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple Paltrow Move Aside

I have a new love. It weighs next to nothing, measures a little over 13" wide and has skin of stainless steel.

Anyone guess yet?

Yes, it is my new Apple Macbook pro! I love it. It is exquisite. The day it arrived on my doorstep I rejoiced. I knew I could give it a happy home and that we would grow to be great friends.

Okay but seriously this thing is awesome. I am having so much fun getting to know the programs and I am super impressed so far. There are so many people that have always sworn by Macs and now I know why. I have hopped over to our HP a couple of times to download files to transfer and I am all disoriented on it now! Funny since I have used that computer every day for like four years!

The packaging was even exquisite. Minimal and crisp.

I just thought this was funny.

When I turned it on it was like watching HD television for the first time. You never knew that what you were watching (regular TV) was all that bad but just try and watch a football game now in non-HD. It drives me crazy! All blurry like there is dust on the camera lens.

But this screen is awesome. My pictures look better, movies look better, even this blog looks better! Just kidding. Oh and not that I need to disclose this because I have never been paid for anything that I have written - but no, the huge Apple co. did not pay for this endorsement of their computers! Just thought I would put that out there lest I be attacked by some blog police. 

Oh and if you thought this was actually a blog post about Apple Martin-Paltrow I apologize, but here is a sweet picture of Gwen's daughter to appease you.

I love my Mac! Call me Apple Fuhrer! Now I just need an iPhone and an iPad. It seriously is an evil empire. Making you fall in love with their products. Damn you Steve Jobs!!!

Just kidding, Love you! Muah!



  1. Welcome to Mac world!!! It is a great place to be!!! My sweet little Mac is named Honey- as in a HoneyCrisp Apple (my favorite kind). :) Hee! Hee!

  2. I swore it was going to be a bottle of Skinny Girl margarita laying on its side. Damn!