Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

It has not been raining here in Sunny Florida.

I do not have two small dogs that aren't particularly used to raindrops on there faces, backs, tails...

The smallest of my two dogs, the princess, is not extremely stubborn.

I did not take the dogs out and stand in the rain and demand from them that they go poop. You can not demand that a dog go poop on your command! I did not have a stare down with the princess who is not all of 8 pounds. I do not play mental mind game wars with my dogs. I do not believe that if I repeat my demands that the results will be different. I do not believe that I can stare her down and communicate the importance of her going outside.

My bathroom rug has not been the place of choice for said dog to take care of business if she does not go outside. I am not extremly disgusted and fed up with her using my bathroom rug as a toilet.

SO I have not alternated all day between taking them out and watching her like a psycho hawk. I have not put her in her kennel when I couldn't watch her like a hawk merely for the protection of my bathroom rug.

Nope not me. I would never go to such lengths just to win a mind game with a dog. An 8 pound princess of a dog. Not ever. Not me.

Oh I will win Roxy.... I will...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Tree

I have seen many variations of an Easter Egg Tree. This is my quick 5 minute version.
By simply placing a dozen paper mache eggs in an existing stick arrangement in my entryway I have created a fun and charming Easter decoration.
With St. Patrick's day decorations barely put away and Easter fast approaching something quick but with lots of character is perfect when the holidays are so close together.
Easy does it!
Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Choas Tamed

At the beginning of the new year I posted here about organizing. My main focus was the mud-room/laundry room that connects our garage to the kitchen.

Well it is done! And I love it.

I painted the peg board with yellow and white stripes and continued them onto the wall. I also painted the shelf yellow and I am still contemplating adding another yellow stripe at the shelf level.

Everything in its place!

Tools, cleaning products, cutting mat for projects...

Drink station complete with coozies, glasses, cups and straws. Even an old toothbrush holder that I used to hold different color Sharpies so that you can mark you name on you cup. There is a fridge just opposite this with beverages and a kegerator for parties so this is the perfect location for the Drink station!

Labels! Glorious labels!

Chris's tools! I haven't been asked once where a (insert various tools here) is since the organization has been complete! A miracle in itself.

It is marvelous!

And it is staying that way. It even makes the room look bigger and definitely brighter and cozier. So now I don't feel too bad if the door to the kitchen stays open all the time and people can look in. Before I felt like you were looking into a big ugly mess and I didn't like it. Now I feel like this is more of a room and a part of the house.

I love being organized!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am doing it!!!

I am building an Empire!

It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week, but It Will Be...

A Design Empire...

This is all wishful thinking of course but To dream is To believe is To make reality...

I am the Empress...or so I have been told.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

A few days ago I did not go to a used book sale with my Sister-in-Law. The book sale was not over and we were not able to get hundreds of books for FREE! We were not there to get books for her book ministry and scooping up as many books as we could. We did not also scoop up lots of great FREE books for ourselves.

My Sister-in-Law and I were not spread out on her living room floor later looking at our loot. We were not divying up the books and deciding what books we were going to send to friends and family. My SIL did not pick up the wedding planning book that I was planning on girfting to my friend who is getting married in October.

My SIL did not start to read a "to do list" that was in the back of the book. One of the items on the to-do list was not "Take cousins to buy shirts, pants, and ties for the wedding. Try to explain why ties are necessary".

I did not burst out into hysterical laughter. She did not continue to read the list until I was crying. We did not make assumtions that this was a red-neck wedding. We did not continue to laugh and make fun of this bride and the ridiculous things on her to-do list. I did not have tears running down my face. I did not go home hours later and notice that I had mascara running down my face.

Nope not me.