Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

It has not been raining here in Sunny Florida.

I do not have two small dogs that aren't particularly used to raindrops on there faces, backs, tails...

The smallest of my two dogs, the princess, is not extremely stubborn.

I did not take the dogs out and stand in the rain and demand from them that they go poop. You can not demand that a dog go poop on your command! I did not have a stare down with the princess who is not all of 8 pounds. I do not play mental mind game wars with my dogs. I do not believe that if I repeat my demands that the results will be different. I do not believe that I can stare her down and communicate the importance of her going outside.

My bathroom rug has not been the place of choice for said dog to take care of business if she does not go outside. I am not extremly disgusted and fed up with her using my bathroom rug as a toilet.

SO I have not alternated all day between taking them out and watching her like a psycho hawk. I have not put her in her kennel when I couldn't watch her like a hawk merely for the protection of my bathroom rug.

Nope not me. I would never go to such lengths just to win a mind game with a dog. An 8 pound princess of a dog. Not ever. Not me.

Oh I will win Roxy.... I will...


  1. Stopping by from Not Me! Monday. At least the princess is using the "bathroom" rug. LOL. My dog uses the rug at the backdoor if she doesn't go outside.

  2. My pups are not eager to oblige either. They will wait out the rain and if leave the house, my Jack Russell will wiz on the bathmat as well. At least I can toss it in the wash...