Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Choas Tamed

At the beginning of the new year I posted here about organizing. My main focus was the mud-room/laundry room that connects our garage to the kitchen.

Well it is done! And I love it.

I painted the peg board with yellow and white stripes and continued them onto the wall. I also painted the shelf yellow and I am still contemplating adding another yellow stripe at the shelf level.

Everything in its place!

Tools, cleaning products, cutting mat for projects...

Drink station complete with coozies, glasses, cups and straws. Even an old toothbrush holder that I used to hold different color Sharpies so that you can mark you name on you cup. There is a fridge just opposite this with beverages and a kegerator for parties so this is the perfect location for the Drink station!

Labels! Glorious labels!

Chris's tools! I haven't been asked once where a (insert various tools here) is since the organization has been complete! A miracle in itself.

It is marvelous!

And it is staying that way. It even makes the room look bigger and definitely brighter and cozier. So now I don't feel too bad if the door to the kitchen stays open all the time and people can look in. Before I felt like you were looking into a big ugly mess and I didn't like it. Now I feel like this is more of a room and a part of the house.

I love being organized!

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  1. Come on up we have a whole garage that you can work on I.G. & Mom