Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

A few days ago I did not go to a used book sale with my Sister-in-Law. The book sale was not over and we were not able to get hundreds of books for FREE! We were not there to get books for her book ministry and scooping up as many books as we could. We did not also scoop up lots of great FREE books for ourselves.

My Sister-in-Law and I were not spread out on her living room floor later looking at our loot. We were not divying up the books and deciding what books we were going to send to friends and family. My SIL did not pick up the wedding planning book that I was planning on girfting to my friend who is getting married in October.

My SIL did not start to read a "to do list" that was in the back of the book. One of the items on the to-do list was not "Take cousins to buy shirts, pants, and ties for the wedding. Try to explain why ties are necessary".

I did not burst out into hysterical laughter. She did not continue to read the list until I was crying. We did not make assumtions that this was a red-neck wedding. We did not continue to laugh and make fun of this bride and the ridiculous things on her to-do list. I did not have tears running down my face. I did not go home hours later and notice that I had mascara running down my face.

Nope not me.

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