Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frogs and Snails...

and Puppy Dog Tails!

Why puppy dog tails!!! Even as a child I thought this was a little gruesome sounding. Just the tails? Not the WHOLE PUPPY? Seriously boys are made of Frogs and Snails and bloody hacked off puppy dog tails? SICK!

So I had an over active imagination. Still do I guess.

So on a less horrific note, I have several very close friends and one SIL who are expecting little boys in the near future. I was helping one of them out and researching little boy nursery designs to give a little inspiration. She has great style so I can't wait to see what they end up doing.

I thought I would post my findings for the rest of my friends to see. I was all over the web so I apologize in advance for not giving credit to each photographer or designer and also for not getting links. I really wasn't being very Blog-minded when I was searching.

This is a beautiful design. The Alphabet wall is gorgeous although not easily achievable without the help of a talented professional painter. Even with a more simple pattern on that wall this nursery would be sweet.

What I love about this, besides the totally adorable "laundry line", is the colors! I love the pop of the orange against that perfect shade of aquay blue. I also love the modern flare of the rocker.

Another sweet boy room. The accent wall is great and probably pretty doable by most DIYers who aren't afraid of straight lines. I love the dark wood floor in contrast with all of the white furniture and especially that lambskin rug on it. My cousin had one of those as a child and he adored it. So cuddlely!

I don't usually think baby room = dark, bold colors. However these next few rooms pull of using deep saturated colors quite beautifully. I think this is my favorite. With the tall white wainscot the rich blue is exquisite. This room could easily be a sports or car theme instead of nautical. Love it!

Okay how freaking cute are the bird cages? I mean really, I love it. And the zebra rug is also super awesome.

I am not crazy about the color combo in this room but I like the idea of the striped wainscot with a picture ledge. Tons of possibilities with this idea.

The tone on tone of this beautiful tree mural is just divine. I found it over at SimpliedBee in this post about boy nurseries (thanks for letting me borrow this great image)! Of course I adore it because of the sweet bird and especially the little nest in the branches. This nursery design is perfect if you don't know the gender of the baby. Simply add the pops of color after the baby arrives! Very simple and pretty.

Another nice neutral palette. I love the vintage car theme for little boys. So cute.

This shot shows that the stripes are actually the same color paint in different sheens. The matte and glossy paints reflect the light differently making the glossy bands seem darker. Very polished and pretty. I would love to see it in a lighter color also. A nice cream perhaps.

I love babies and nurseries! It is such an exciting time, preparing for the arrival of your little bundle. I can't wait until it is my turn. My problem will be deciding on one design. I think it will have a bird in it though! What do you think?


  1. i was anticipating a big announcement at the end of this!!! it's ok, i'll be patient and keep waiting. :) i love so many of these rooms! i wish i had thought more about our nursery when i did it. oh well, it has served us well. survived a girl and a boy and still looks pretty good!! :)

  2. Lovely post! Although the third picture of the nursery with the bird mural has a copyright. Would you please add my blog: Simplified Bee and a link to the post?

    Many thanks,

  3. I'm kind of jealous that you're so awesome at design. Why? Because I HAVE NO SENSE OF STYLE. I mean NONE. So, I guess I'll just have to mootch off yours because it's fabulous.

  4. Cristin, Done and Done. Thanks for letting me use your picture. I really didn't mean to steal it and I am more than happy to give credit as credit is definitely due!

  5. Aunt Becky you have style for SURE! But you can mootch off of my talents. That is what it is all about. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Many thanks! No worries, I have just had a lot of content republished w/o permission. Thank you for adding the link.

    Again, many thanks!!!


  7. I LOVE the bird cages also. What a neat idea!