Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the Big Game ideas

So I am not sure if I am hosting a Super Bowl party at my house as of yet or helping host at a friend's house. However, there will be football and there will be a party, somewhere, and it will be great! So I thought I would share what I was planning for menu and decorating ideas in hopes of inspiring stylish Super Bowl parties everywhere!

I myself am an avid football fan but I realize that a good deal of women are not. So if you aren't really all that interested in the game, at least you can make the party fun and interesting!

So my menu reads like this... starting with dessert!

Ref Cupcakes

I love this little cupcake! It is so cute! And simple! I am on a mission this afternoon to find some primary color whistles. Find out how to make your own here

Rotel Dip

No football party is complete without some good 'ol Rotel Dip. Some call it Queso, which is also acceptable, some call it cheese dip, which although on-the-nose just doesn't sound as appetizing to me. I call mine Rotel Dip, and I also call it delicious! It is super easy - 1 block of Velveeta cheese, 2 cans of Rotel brand tomatoes(there are varying levels of spice available to meet whatever your taste) - cut up cheese into smaller chucks, dump in rotel - either microwave in 3 minute increments, stirring in between until melted  or  put in crock pot on high until melted and then reduce to "keep warm" or lowest setting. Serve with your favorite chips! Yum! Sure to be a hit.

Mini Hotdogs


I am totally a sucker for mini food items. And I especially like to dip things. So these are perfect Super Bowl fare in my opinion. You can find the recipe at Rachel Ray 's website as well as some other really great recipe items that might float your boat.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza


My husband and I have had a couple of football get togethers recently where we have attempted to make wings, and I am not really up for it again. I say attempted because for some reason the oil on the fryer has not been getting as hot as it should (350degrees) and the wings have turned out, well let's just say, not great. The first time we had a broken thermometer so my husband ended up just boiling the wings in the oil until they fell off the bone. Yummm mushy chicken that was boiled in oil, so healthy. We did still eat them but not my idea of a good eats. The second time I bought a new thermometer but the oil still didn't get above 310degrees so although the wings were able to be fried and not boiled they still weren't the super crispy delicious wings that I love and have come to expect. I mean if I am going to chow down on some chicken wings it better be worth the calorie count.

So that brings me to buffalo chicken pizza. This is a semi-homemade recipe so that you start with already made chicken tenders. (check one - no frying) It also satisfies the pizza craving (check two). And it is easy but unexpected (check three). Check it out at the Publix Aprons section of their website. If you live in FL you might have gotten this recipe in the mail along with a $5 off coupon!

The Decorations


I am planning on recreating something like this table top that I found over at hostesswiththemostess my FAVORITE event planning website. I always go to her site first when I am in need of inspiration. You can find some of the ideas and recipes that I have mentioned here on her website also. 


Yellow napkins tied with ribbon will be reminiscent of the often thrown penalty flag. I will display my penalty flags dispersed around the table as well as in a central location near the plates and flatware. I am sure at least a few will be thrown as actual penalty flags, but that is okay, as long as the thrower uses the napkin after throwing it.

So I hope that the party, wherever it may be, will be a huge success! I will share pictures after the event to let you know how it turns out!


  1. love that website too!! i love planning a super bowl party, but always hate the clean up. not sure what we are doing, but i might have to make those adorable little cupcakes because they are so stinkin' cute.

    btw, i wanted to call you when we were in your neck of the woods, but we were there for such a short time. thought about you several times!! :)

  2. Oh YEAH.

    We can TOTALLY do this thing!

    And I can load up on Ro-Tel coupons.
    And BJ's sells the mini dogs.
    And we can get the whistles at Dollar Store, I just KNOW it.

    Yeah, buddy!

    Cost-saving measures penalty is DECLINED!