Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny Florida Forecasts

It is funny that one of the things that I was worried about when we made the decision to move to Florida is that I would lose my "seasons". Cold winters, warm springs, hot summers, leaves changing in the fall. I was under the illusion that it the weather would range from 70-100 degrees every day and it would split time between sunny and rainy all year long.

Well half of that statement is true. It has basically split time between rainy and sunny (actually more sunny than rainy) but it is frickin COLD. It is 30-sumtin right now and it will barely reach 60 today.

It makes it seem appropriate that I am watching the WINTER Olympics in Vancouver. I love the Olympics. From the opening ceremony to tracking how many gold medals the US can rack up! I am super pissed that I fell asleep last night before Shaun White won gold. I tried, tried, tried to stay awake but I fell asleep on the sofa. (Eastern time zone television broadcasts are also all new to me. Everything is on sooooo late!) Apparently he landed his McTwist thingy trick that he invented. I guess that is what you can accomplish when you have a private half-pipe in Colorado to practice on. (He gets there by helicopter!) But whatever I love him!!!

I did get to see Lindsey Vonn win gold in downhill skiing. She is amazing. And that event is super scary! I was nervous the whole time. I asked my husband to change the channel actually because it was making me all tense. There were ridiculously scary crashes almost every run. These women are going over 70mph and then they hit a bad edge or, the worst, there was a really huge jump at the very end that they would fly over and they just lose it in the air and crash and burn on rock hard icy snow. They would flail down the mountain looking like little rag dolls and then just slide and slide because the mountain is soooooo steep that even laying flat on their back they wouldn't stop.

And tonight is the men's figure skating long program. I just love that Johnny Weir! does he put it EFFEMINATE. My description has more to do with the Olympic torch but whatever. He just puts everything out there and isn't afraid to piss some people off! But so fun to watch. I just can't wait to see what he is wearing. I will be routing for the other American skater also who is in second place right now behind Plancenko (no idea how to spell that and don't care to look it up right now) the reigning champ from Russia.

So GO TEAM USA! I love my country!

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