Monday, November 16, 2009

Just keep packing, just keep packing

Why is it that when you start packing up your house for a move, then and only then, do you realize how much stuff you actually have accumulated. It is amazing how much two people can own. I had huge aspirations to give a bunch of stuff to Goodwill but I really don't have alot of extra stuff. 'Cause you know I NEED all of this stuff.

The wonderful thing is that I have been able to be organized thus far. I have wonderful visions of my new home being perfectly orderly. The move will be seamless, breathtakingly easy due to the painstaking efforts of my packing. This is my dream, not so sure it will be a reality. I know that I will get to a certain point and I will start to get to The Random Stuff.

This is the category that causes me agony and heartache. I tend to get to this point in packing and I find myself just staring at the huge array of randomness. Not knowing how to categorize it, it usually ends up all in one box. The sad thing is this one box usually never gets unpacked in the new home.

This will surely not happen this time. I vow to unpack everything and if a home cannot be found for The Random Stuff, then maybe I don't need it in the first place. Which begs the question, why I move it anyway. Usually it is out of frustration I think, because by the time I get to The Random Stuff I am too burnt out from all of the previous organization that I just give in.

I will just stand by the fact that all of the organized boxes offset the one (?) unorganized box!!!

So for now I will...just keep packing...just keep packing...(sung to the tune of Dori's song "Just Keep Swimming" on Finding Nemo). I love that movie!

1 comment:

  1. You make me smile.
    Does that make the packing go any better?
    And you are making my Mom smile a lot.
    Since you now have my Dad for a week.
    Does THAT make the packing go any better?
    Love you Sis!