Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So here is the thing about moving. There are good things and there are bad things. I will break them down for you as I have experienced them today.

Awesome phone call from my SIL (who so graciously) went over to the house that I would love to move to and checked it out for me, and confirmed my hopes that this was INDEED the house that my husband and I should move to. Granted I think she may just want to hang out there with me, which I totally don't blame her for, but her support is extremely appreciated and I love her and her husband for checkin' it out for us!

Then there are the people that are really sad. And I am really sad about leaving. The people that I love. The people that I am going to miss so much that it physically hurts. I haven't cried yet because I don't want to think that things will ever be any different than they are now. But alas I am moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY. These people are all very understanding and lovely and I hate to possibly hurt them and I hope that they know that if I could possibly pick them up and move them with ME, I would. Because, obviously, it is all about me.

But then again it is...about me...and my husband... and what is best for our future.

It is hard to admit that. But sometimes you just have to do "what you have to do".

Then there are the peeps that you never knew even cared until all the sudden you are leaving. These are the ones that perplex me. All the sudden my cubicle mate (sadly I do live/work in a semi-cubicle) has to listen to me tell the story over-and-over again about why and when I will be leaving. It isn't that I don't appreciate their concern, I just did not, for some reason, anticipate the inquiry. That is interesting. We will have to wait and see if that changes after the shock has worn off.

So to all of the people out there that are either excited or upset, numb or angry, happy, sad, anxious, or just plain excited &/or in shock, I just want to let you know that I am pretty much all of the same.

It is life, and therefore, by default, is a journey.

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