Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moving Day

The truck is loaded. Our house is empty save the futon I am sitting on, one TV still playing college football, and a couple of mattresses and suitcases. Everyone is exhausted and there are still 4 long days of driving ahead with a few days in big D for me and the pups. Got to see a few friends today as they stopped by to say goodbye, to the shagren of my father-in-law who was feverishly trying to get as much possible done in the daylight hours as he could. Very focused that man. God bless him. We honestly COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT without him.

Blessing in disquise that I did not work this week. I can't even imagine how chaotic it would have been if I had been at work all week. With me constantly packing and the men constantly loading the trailer it really wouldn't have gotten done if I had come home at 6pm or later every night.

I look around and I am a little sad, but more excited. Considering I am gaining 1000 square feet and a HUGE yard is keeping me focused on the positive. I can't wait for my large kitchen and living room. I am already planning parties in my head. I am thinking about all of the baby and wedding showers (not for me but others), birthdays, chili cookoffs, college football watch parties, puppy parties, my name starts with a "M" and its Monday parties!!! So exciting! This is definitely the first "internet only" house I have ever moved into. My SIL did go check it out for me but it is always different doing the "walk-through" yourself and I have never moved somewhere where the walk-through was also move-in day.

So today on move-out day I am excited and full of expectation and anticipation. It will be different, I will miss my friends here, but I am gaining alot. Closeness to family, hopes of my own business or a new opportunity, new house, living close to water, etc.

I am excited, and tired. It has been a long week. Wish me luck on the long drive ahead.

Moving day, Moving on, Moving forward.

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