Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back "Home"

Whoooo. It has been a doozy of a few weeks. Packing, driving across country, moving into a house without any stuff, all of the stuff arriving the day before I flew back out of town to our old home town of Las Vegas, running the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon, saying farewell to Vegas again, and now back "home" to the new house!

I say "home" because I still feel a little out of place having been here and there and everywhere in the past few weeks. I know that once I hunker down and get this place more my style I will feel much better. I have so many ideas and so much to do that I feel a tad overwhelmed but I have to keep reminding myself that there is no "deadline" and to take one thing at a time.

First order of business is Christmas decorating. Priority because if I don't get it done soon then what is the point? I will have to take it right back down again. This holiday season has been more hectic than most so I want to be able to enjoy my tree and decorations for as long as possible.

Second is organizing...everything! I was trying soooo hard to organize on the front end of the move but alas there is still much to be done on that front. So dunt-da-ta-da...IKEA!!! Yay! I love IKEA. I am so glad that I have finally moved somewhere that it is an in-town trip and not a weekend event. Bring on the swedish meatballs! All of this will have to be carefully budgeted but I am ready!!!

And finally, I need to make this house a home. Our home. My dear husband did some decorating while I was away that I need to gently rearrange. Not that he didn't do a great job, but ya know, I am a designer and all, and therefore by nature need to do the decorating my way. Plus I want to mix things up, use things in different ways than I have before. In order to not go broke in the process of designing this home I am hell bent on repurposing the accessories that I own. Use a vase that previously was in our living room next to the garden tub maybe. Hanging the hallway art in the bedroom etc. By doing this I hope that the things that we have will be new and fresh to us and this home will be too and not just a different version of the last house.

I promise to post pictures soon. I know all of this wordiness is, well, wordy.

All in due time, all in due time!

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  1. Oh I wish you had moved down the street from me and I could come over help you organize, you could come redecorate my entire house, and then we could go on day trips to IKEA for meatballs and cheap furniture. I sure miss you!! Glad you are "home." Can't wait for pictures!! :) Love you!