Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slowly but surely

So I finally finished painting the master bedroom yesterday. It only took 3 weeks (if you count the week that I was out-of-town). That definitely sets the record for longest it has ever taken me to paint a room.

So that being said, I was super ready to get it done. I was more than ready to get it done. I couldn't wait to get it done and I was determined to get it done.

So determined, ready and couldn't wait, that I was hurried, rushed and therefore...careless.

So yesterday I am trying my darndest to get the bedroom painted so that A: My husband and I could "move into" our bedroom instead of sleeping in the guest bedroom and B: I could put my box full of shoes away (one really does not hinge on the other but for some reason I have made this the rule - no finished bedroom, no shoes).

The first mishap was pretty stupid. Messy and stupid. I had on the shelf of my handy dandy step ladder/stool, my trim cup, with the handle and the special slot for my paint brush. The trim cup, full of paint was just setting there minding its own business, when I decided to try and open the door. The door that the ladder/step stool was in front of. SO therefore the ladder/step stool has to move. But I forgot one simple, important thing...the trim cup.

Remember in the 80s/early 90s going to Micheal's and getting to pick out your super awesome hot pink t-shirt and two or three paint colors. The sweet employee would stretch your shirt over the board that went on the spinny thing and, voila!, a few minutes later you had a totally RAD splatter painted t-shirt. If you didn't have this exact experience then maybe you just splatter painted your room, your torn-up jeans, your trapper keeper.

Well I am bringing it back!!! Yes, when I moved the ladder/step stool, to open the door, the trim cup went spiraling off and made the "coolest" pattern all over the carpet and door trim and a little actually inside the closet!!!

Ya, not so cool. So my painting went on hold while I sprayed and dabbed and blotted and cleaned up the carpet and woodwork.

After that was all done, I went on with the painting for about 20 more minutes. I finished with the lighter color and switched to the darker accent color. Moving merrily along, seeing the finish line, only two more areas to trim out, across one ceiling and down one wall.

But darn it if that stinking ladder/step stool needed to be moved again. Just a little closer to the corner...

Unfortunately the can of the darker accent color happened to be on the floor right under the ladder. And the lid was ON TOP of the almost FULL GALLON of paint but not really TAPPED down and secure. And since it had taken me 3 weeks to finish this job the plastic that I had put all around the perimeter of the room had gotten moved and messed up and was not completely (read: not at all) protecting the carpet.

So caramel colored paint is pouring out of the can, I grab the can and as I scream some expletives, "Oh F*** Oh F***", I start scooping up the paint with my hands and dumping it back in the can. I start to envision replacing the carpet, feeling very dejected, I force back the tears and just start dabbing and blotting and spraying and cleaning up my mess. I mean really? Really!!! How the heck did I do this...again! I have never painted a room that has been this much of a pain in the arse. Usually I am pretty good at painting. I don't really mind it. It is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to totally transform a room.

Until this one.

And I don't even really love the color.

Ugggggg. Oh well it is done. I got the half gallon of paint up out of my almost white carpet after a roll of paper towels and some pretty strong carpet cleaner and a wet dry vacuum.

And I will not be painting again any time soon.


  1. pictures, please!!! so sorry it was such a nightmare to complete. :) love the story though!

  2. How did I miss this update?
    Did you tell me this already?
    Was I high?