Sunday, December 20, 2009

It is my brain...and I will call it crazy if I want to

~Why is my life governed by passwords. And how do I keep them all straight.

~No matter how hard I try, I usually say too much

~I love the Radioshack commercial with the Nutcracker who has a laptop and his singing sugar plum fairies. He makes music with his friends and has back-up singers.

~I want food but I neither want to make it, order it or go get it. Man I don't know how the Indians did it.

~Have you ever tried to stop thinking. Try it. I bet you can't do it.

~My dogs always bark at doorbells on the TV.

~I better win this fantasy football crap. Because it is my FANTASY so shouldn't I at least get to win at that?

~Why is Chick-fil-A closed on Sundays. God made CHIKIN we should get to enjoy it after church, right? (no I did not go to church today, should have but didn't)

~Where did the Orbits guy get that cool inflatable flying car thing? I want one!

~I wish I could get that "Christmas Light Glow" on my house all year.

~Diet Coke is the sweet nectar. It always makes me feel better.

~Why do female sports commentators usually speak like they are trying to sould like men?

~Seriously I am starving.

~And now I feel guilty because there are small childrens on the TV that ARE actually STARVING. I just ate a tupperware full of StoveTop I am by no means starving.

~Come on Roddy White. Or should I say Matt Ryan? Whatever.

It doesn't stop. It doesn't stop.

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