Tuesday, January 26, 2010

as I wait

SO  I am sitting here waiting for my husband to get home. Very weird for me. Going from professional crazy hectic hospitality design to being a "entrepreneur" - which right now means I just think about my business alot - is quite a change.

I am trying to put positive energy out there to drum up some business. I have ventured out of the house a little more. But there is still a HUGE difference to being at home all day versus the craziness of the office. I enjoy it the majority of the time but I do have my moments.

I keep thinking, what should I be doing right now - what could I be doing that is more productive - is there someone monitoring me - oh wait no, big brother is not looking over my shoulder - I am accountable to me, and my husband, and OH YAH my dogs who won't stop whining and watching the front door for their daddy to come home.

So as I wait...I make more lists.

It is weird. Not bad just different. I don't want it to be "comfortable" though because I need to stay motivated. Although I NEVER want to clock IN & OUT of a job ever again, there is still some times when this whole managing my own time thing gets a little tiring.

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