Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Football Season Bliss

So we went up to Gainesville this past weekend for the first weekend of college football. Oh how I have missed football season. I absolutely love it! We took the whole set up for Game On Events and had a spectacular day!

This is our outdoor living room!

 We decked the trailer out in Gator gear to show our support for our favorite local team!

We even had a nice little crowd gathered around watching the various games that were on during the day. Everyone was very impressed with our rig.

 Hubby smoked all day and we dined on some amazing smoked chicken (that I injected with homemade creole butter) and some awesome tri-tip sirloin.

We had incredible seats for the game! The Gators have gotten smart and scheduled the first two games (i.e. the hottest games) at 7pm so the weather was perfect!

So all in all it was a pretty perfect day! I can't wait for more awesome games and events this fall. Did I mention that I love football season!

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